Chopsticks and Rice Cakes

Woohoo! The yogurt was a success! I’ve been enjoying it every morning. I also made some greek yogurt too, but I am starting to rethink the benefits of greek yogurt. Did you know that greek yogurt is just strained yogurt? You end up losing calcium and other really good for you minerals in the straining process. However, it reduces the sodium and sugar content and boosts the protein to calorie ratio. I think I’ll just have to eat both 😉

On my way home from work I stopped by a Vietnamese food market. I love going to different supermarkets. It is always so fun to get inspired and try something new. When traveling, one of my favorite things to do is to visit different grocery stores. I guess it is a bit weird, but it is just so fun. Here is what I picked up today (a little overboard on the ginger haha)

After some inspiration from afternoon shopping, I came home and made a stir fry with carrots, zucchini and shiitake mushrooms. The veggies were cooked in mirin, fish sauce, and rice vinegar, then topped with a fried egg. I served the dish with a side of rice cakes bahn bo, which are my new favorite find! They are subtly sweet, sticky, airy and slightly fermented.

It was a perfect combo for dinner and Ryan was extremely happy too! My experiments in the kitchen don’t always prove to be successful 😉 but luckily tonight they were.

Have an awesome weekend!


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